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The Gal behind it all


Hey guys, I'm  Abbie, the brains behind the operation. I have been a horse lover since the start. After my parent's divorce when I was 6, horses really became my escape and little bit of heaven. I learned horsemanship from watching my mom train the Appaloosa colts she raised, as well as just from observing their herd dynamics. In 2013, my mom married my step-dad who was and still is a farrier and boarding facility owner. Any chance I got, I was out with the horses, trying out different things, sometimes trying out stupid ideas that would usually end up in a very annoyed chestnut Appaloosa mare and a mouth full of dirt. I lived and learned, and in 2018 I bought my first training project, an extremely fearful 6 year old mare with a rough past. "Koda", as I named her, taught me a lot about training and horsemanship equipment. I became obsessed with all the different types of tack and how to make it; my goats got to be my lovely live models for all my mock tack made out of twine and other random strings. Through the past 5 years I have really expanded my horsemanship and tack knowledge, competing in some mustang makeovers, taking on client horses, and learning as much as possible. Now I am creating tack for myself and others that is quality, handmade, and equine approved. In the future, I plan to help people through horses and horses through people, helping one soul overcome fear at a time.

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